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ales volume for ■online home ◆appliance shopping j●umped greatly,○ catching many〓 consumers' e〓yes.Ms Zhang imm〓ediately begins to s〓hop online after le◆arning that h〓er parents woul●d like a ne●w TV.Ms Zhang said, ●"Actually, my first◆ idea was to ●search for prices〓 on the Interne〓t, and then nego●tiate the price ○with the store●. But then I re〓alized that● the price I● found online i■s cheaper t〓han the stores. S◆o I decided● to buy it from◆ the Internet."Mr. C■hen said, "I c■hecked the website ◆carefully afte●r looking at ◆some news stor◆ie

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  • hase nearl◆y all daily ne○cessities on the I■nternet such■ as clothes, books,■ food, and